Off Leash Training Program (1 month)

During the first phase of training, you will learn the basics of Off Leash control (i.e. body language, dog psychology, tools of communicating, etc.) By the time you complete the first phase you will confidently have your dog off leash in any situation and around any distractions. Gone will be the days of jumping up, barking, running out the door, and pulling on the leash.

The second phase of training is where you will work on “advanced” distractions. You will confidently control your dog around many other dogs off leash; it is also a great opportunity to allow your dog that much needed socialization and playtime they have earned. If you enjoy learning how to continually enhance your dog’s abilities and find training your dog fun, then this program is an excellent fit for you and your pack.

Our Off Leash Training Training Package starts at $995 and includes daycare

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