Reservation Request Form

One of the easiest ways to make a reservation. Ever. We know you're busy with every day life and making a reservation for your pup should be like making a reservation for yourself- simple and effective.

Our Reservation Request Form is set to be an easy way for you to book any Beach For Dogs Service for your little (or big) loved canine. Please select the "New Client Form" button. We will get back to you withing 24-48 hours. Yep, that's it. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you and your pup! Woof!

If you already have a login and password, please select the service you are interested in and book your appointment. We will email you with a confirmation or alternate appointment time within 24-48 hours.

All requests are confirmed by phone or email. Please note that your specific reservation requested below is not confirmed until a specialist notifies you that space is available and a reservation has been entered for your pup. If you have more than one dog in your family, please submit a form for each of your dogs.

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As the owner of the above referenced dog(s), I understand Beach For Dogs, L.L.C., its employees, officers, directors and agents, will exercise due care to protect the health and safety of my dog while in their care, and in the event my dog becomes ill or sustains injury, I have given permission for those in charge to take whatever steps necessary to obtain medical treatment for my dog, and I agree to pay all charges incurred. I consent to any veterinarian being retained to render care for my dog in case of emergency. I agree to pay for all charges the day I pick up my dog(s), and I understand that my dog(s) may not leave the premises until all charges are paid in full. I understand that any animal left for ten (10) days beyond the estimated date of pick-up without payment or contact will be considered abandoned and the owner relinquishes responsibility and ownership after such time. I understand that I am boarding my dog(s) in an environment where they will be socializing and interacting with people and other dogs of all sizes. As always, with the interaction of dogs, there is a chance of injury. I assume all risks of injury to my dog while at Beach For Dogs or in transportation to any veterinarian clinic, so long as reasonable care is taken to prevent any unnecessary injury, death or loss. By boarding my dog(s) at Beach For Dogs, I agree not to file legal charges against Beach For Dogs any employees for any injury, death or loss of my dog. I hereby waive and release Beach For Dogs from any liability of any nature for any injury, death or loss of my dog resulting from Beach For Dog’s actions or from the actions of my dog or any other dog while in the custody of, or on the grounds. In the event my dog causes injury to another dog or to a person while at Beach For Dogs, I agree to indemnify and subrogate Beach For Dogs from any action which may be brought against it and for any defense, settlement, or judgment against it. I will assume all liability for the actions of my dog and agree to maintain personal liability insurance in the event of such an incident. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. If any amount is not settled within 20 days, Beach For Dogs reserves the right to impose a late fee of $20 and an interest rate of 2% until paid in full. If collection proceedings are necessary, I agree to pay for any reasonable attorney’s fees and any applicable filing/collection fees. For extended stay boarders only (over 7 days), your credit card on file will be billed a portion of your bill every 7 days, with the balance for services rendered to be paid on your pickup date. For ALL holiday reservations, if a reservation is cancelled 7 days or less from the date of arrival, a $50 fee per dog will be charged. I acknowledge and agree to Beach For Dogs’s holiday cancellation policies and will be accountable for any applicable fees should I cancel outside of their required timeframes. As the owner of a dog attending Beach For Dogs, I agree to conform to and to be bound by the policies and procedures of Beach For Dogs as they may be amended. In the event of failure for me or my dog to conform with such rules, Beach For Dogs shall have the unilateral right, but not the obligation, to discontinue such rights of my dog to board or attend doggie day care again at Beach For Dogs.

**ATTENTION**: Booking a boarding reservation requires a valid Credit Card on file.