Dog Grooming

Whether Princess needs pampering or Buster needs a bath, we have a grooming package to fit your budget. Do you need a show cut? Our experienced groomers can groom to any breed specifications.

We have an extensive array of grooming services to keep your pets looking their best and staying healthy. We also offer hand scissoring by trained professionals, a skill and art lost to many grooming shops.

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Grooming Packages

Prices are based on the size and coat of the animal. We can provide an estimate via our website or over the phone.

Sign up for one our packages, or ask us about custom services. You'll think you have a new dog!

Mini MakeRover

Starts at $28

Keep your dog looking sharp between Full-Service Grooms with a Full bath, brush-out, dry. $3 each for additional services, nails, anal glands, ear cleaning, and spritz.  This service is a mini make-over on a regular, determined schedule for recurring visitors.

dog grooming nail trim.png

Full-Service Bath

Starts at $28

Includes a 15-minute brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, bath with our oatmeal based shampoo, blow-dry and spritz. Add-on other services to your dog's bath for extra pampering. Packages vary by month. 

beach for dogs dog full service bath grooming.png

Puppy's First Bath

Starts at $20

Available for puppies ages six months or younger, up to 40 lbs. We associate the puppy's first grooming experience with that of a child first dentist appointment. If it scares them, they will fear and dread it the rest of their lives. However, if introduced at a young age and introduced CORRECTLY, it can be both a positive and rewarding experience.

Full-Service Groom

Starts at $45

Our spa grooming package includes a bath with our oatmeal based shampoo, ear cleaning, nail trimming, hand brushing, and grooming to your specifications.  Add-on other services to your dog's groom for extra pampering. Packages vary by month. 

A La Carte Grooming Services


Face, Feet and Sanitary Trim......starting at $15

Special Conditioner.......starting at $5

Special Shampoo......starting at $5

Tooth Brushing......$10

Nail Trim......$12

Nail Grinding......$15

Ear Cleaning......$12

* All grooming packages are dependent on size and coat type/condition. Starting prices refer to smaller dogs.*