Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Your dog comes to our facility every day, Monday through Friday, for four weeks and works with 1-2 trainers every day. It's important that your dog work with a variety of trainers so he will generalize his training and respond to anyone who gives the appropriate cue. We want your dog to respond to you just as well as he does to our professional trainers.

In addition, he gets all the benefits of our daycare program - off leash play and outdoor potty every two hours.

How do I learn what my dog knows?

Each week you'll meet with the lead trainer to discuss your dog's progress and be instructed on the behaviors.

Won't my dog forget everything after he leaves ITE?

NO. Your dog's response will actually improve if you use the behaviors consistently on a daily basis.

What about follow-up?

At the end of the program you will receive a personalized report outlining the behaviors worked. This is a great reference tool. In addition, ITE graduates can book additional daily training at a reduced rate.

Call 847-489-5713 to reserve your space. Competitively priced at $1200.