One day, it hit us...

With all the dog-service businesses popping up, we wondered whether they were really doing everything possible for our happy, four-legged fur balls. You and I know dogs are our children, with more legs. They deserve the same care and attention that we give our human family.

After doing some digging, we found that even among those that touted all-in-one dog service options, there really was not a business that met our criteria. Some doggie daycare locations did not have training services or grooming services. Others did not have products we were looking for; so if we were out of dog food, it meant an extra stop. Some were not clean. Some had employees who did not provide the love and care we required for our furry children. We did not like what we were seeing.

After lots of research – by us and our dog Ripley – we set out to create an experience that our dogs – and your dogs – would love.

Welcome to Beach For Dogs, where every day is like a day on the beach with the family.