When we strived to name our business...

We thought about where our dogs always seemed to have the most fun. It’s the beach, of course! Whether oceanside, on the lakefront or even beside a pool, our dogs were always having fun when they could romp along the water, with the occasional dip to cool off. Tails wagging, ears flopping and smiling, what could be better than a day at the beach?

That is the environment we set out to create at Beach For Dogs. We want your dog to have a tail-wagging good time whenever they visit. Whether it is for daycare, grooming or training, it is our goal that your dog is treated like one of the family, which they are.

How does that translate to our training?  Beach is actually an acronym which stands for Behavioral, Educational And Coaching Health for dogs.  As an owner we know you want your dogs to behave well, so we'll teach them how, coach you on how to keep your dog well behaved, and you'll have a healthy life with your pup.  

When your dogs visit Beach For Dogs, they become one of our family members. Surf’s up – come on in!

Learn more about our services: grooming, training & day care. Woof!